Pastor Darryl Keith Fortson Sr.
A man on fire for God. Affectionately called P.D. Pastor Darryl gave his life to Christ at the early age of eight years old, and shortly afterwards received a vision from God that he would minister to multitudes of faces. This vision is being fulfilled every time he stands to minister God's word, thus his signature greeting, "I'm so glad to see your faces, I've seen you somewhere before"
Pastor Darryl is a graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Ok and holds a Bachelors of Theology Degree from Christian Leadership University, as well as an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Perfecting School of Ministry Bible College. 
Pastor Darryl has been the Youth Pastor of Full Gospel Foundation Building Ministries International since 1996, serving under the leadership of Apostle Cheryl and Pastor John Fortson Sr and is a Professor, Facilitator and Dean of the Perfecting School of Ministry Bible Training CenterP.S.O.M. a fully accredited Biblical College that trains and perfects five fold ministers for the work of the ministry in these critical times. 

Pastor Darryl has traveled extensively throughout the United States, lecturing at High Schools, Elementary Schools, Adult and Youth Correctional Facilities, and has preached in countless churches in the United States and abroad, encouraging both youth and adults, to fulfill their God given purpose and destiny.
Pastor Darryl is the husband of Prophet Christine, and the father of 4 children, one grandchild, and the spiritual father of countless spiritual children. 
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